Prof. Ing. Orlando Trejo

Orlando Trejo

M.S. Electronics Engineer | Assistant Professor
Vice-chair of IEEE Venezuela ED/CAS/PEL Joint Chapter
Departament of Electronics and Circuits
Universidad Simón Bolívar, Sartenejas – Venezuela

e-mail:  |  tel.: +58 (0) 212 906 4012
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Orlando Trejo is M.S.EE in Electronics Engineering and Assistant Professor at the Electronics and Circuits Department of Universidad Simón Bolívar, in Caracas, Venezuela. He is vice-chair of the IEEE Venezuela ED/CAS/PEL Joint Chapter and member of the Industrial Power Electronics Systems Group (GSIEP). His research is focused in theoretical and experimental developments on renewable energy systems, electrical machines drives, and power electronics converters. Additionally, he has years of experience as field engineer in the pharmaceutical and railway industries. He also performs as co-instructor and Lead of the Spanish version of two popular MOOCs at Coursera: Mindshift and Learning How to Learn, along McMaster University and UC San Diego respectively.


educacion  Education


Master of Science in Electronics Engineering
(Power Electronics coursetrack)
Universidad Simón Bolívar – Caracas, Venezuela.
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Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering
Universidad Simón Bolívar – Caracas, Venezuela.
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International Exchange Student
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie Karlsruhe, Germany.
High School Diploma in Science
Colegio San Antonio de la Florida – Caracas, Venezuela.



Level CEFR Last Certification
English Complete Proficiency ~ C1
French Professional Working Proficiency B2 DELF B2
Italian Professional Working Proficiency B2 Attestato UniStraPG B2
German Limited Working Proficiency ~ A2 2 Year Coursework – USB
Spanish Native Language


Independent Coursework and Certifications


Successful Presentation University of Colorado Boulder 09/2017
Graphic Design University of Colorado Boulder 09/2017
Business Writing University of Colorado Boulder 08/2017
Wind Energy Technical University of Denmark 12/2016
Advanced Converter Control Techniques University of Colorado Boulder 08/2016
Magnetics for Power Electronics Converters University of Colorado Boulder 08/2016
Coursera Mentor Community and Training Course Coursera Community Team 04/2016
Energy and the Earth University of Wisconsin Madison 07/2015
Programming for Everybody (Python) University of Michigan 04/2015
Introduction to Power Electronics University of Colorado Boulder 12/2014
Wind, Waves & Tides: Alternative Energy Systems University of Toronto 12/2014
Our Energy Future University of California San Diego 08/2014
Fundamentals of Global Energy Business University of Colorado System 05/2014


Introduction to Linux Linux FoundationX 06/2016
English Grammar and Essay Writing University of BerkeleyX 02/2016
English Grammar and Style University of QueenslandX 10/2015


In-class courses:
Effective Teaching and Active Learning (EEAA) USB – Professorial Development 03/2017
Workshop “Teaching Portfolio” USB – Professorial Development 03/2017
Workshop “The First Day of Class” USB – Professorial Development 07/2016
Oral Communication for Managerial Success Universidad Metropolitana 02/2016
Italian Language and Culture, B2 Intensive Università per Stranieri di Perugia 08/2007


   Work Experience


Assistant Professor 
Universidad Simón Bolívar – Electronics and Circuits Department
Sartenejas, Venezuela | April 2015 – Present
  • Lecturer of courses for senior electronics and electrical engineering students. Responsible for lectures, exams, homework assignments and grading of the following courses:
    • EC3179 – Electronics for Acquisition Syst. and Industrial Control I.  (Electronics III)
    • EC2012 – Electronic Circuits II.
    • EC3881 – Projects Laboratory I.
    • EC3882 – Projects Laboratory II.
  • Research in the field of power electronics. Member of GSIEP.


Spanish Lead & Co-Instructor
Coursera’s “Aprendiendo a Aprender” [Learning How to Learn] & “Mindshift” 
April 2016 – Present
  • Main point of contact and manager of staff and community TAs for the MOOCs “Aprendiendo a Aprender: Poderosas técnicas mentales con las que podrás dominar temas difíciles” & “Mindshift: Transforma tu mente para superar obstáculos en el aprendizaje y descubrir tu potencial oculto” through Coursera, along UC San Diego and McMaster University.
  • Most-up-to-date information about effective learning, leveraging the Spanish-speaking learner community along Barbara Oakley, Terrence Sejnowski and the Coursera team in the most popular MOOC of all time.


Graduate Teaching Assistant
Universidad Simón Bolívar – Electronics and Circuits Department
Sartenejas, Venezuela | February 2014 – March 2015
  • Graduate teaching assistant in courses of electronics and production engineering programs:
    • EC2112 – Industrial Electronics Systems II.
    • EC3882 – Projects Laboratory II.


Technical Coordinator
C.A. Metro de Caracas – Research and Development Management
Caracas, Venezuela | February 2012 – February 2014
  • Technical expertise in the railways of subway systems.
  • Statistical modeling of failure data for predictive maintenance planning.


Technical Adviser
Laboratorios CienVar | Analytics Division
Caracas, Venezuela | March 2011 – November 2011
  • Technical adviser of quality control departments of pharmaceutical and food industry: Grupo Farma, Laboratorios Vargas, Elmor, Pfizer, Leti, Ronava, Avon, Polar.
  • Diagnostics, reparation, calibration and maintenance of chemistry laboratory equipment: high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), spectrophotometry and dissolution.




Conduction of undergrad thesis projects as academic adviser:
  • Isaam Kury: “Diseño, elaboración e implementación de una unidad para la detección anticipada de fallas en el centro de procesamiento de datos de la empresa Triops Solutions C.A.”.
  • Pablo Velázquez (2018): “Diseño y desarrollo de módulos electrónicos para la interconexión de equipos industriales con plataformas web a través de internet”, Outstanding Mention.
  • Alejandro Fernández (2017): “Modeling the Temperature Dependence for Silicon Carbide BJTs”, Outstanding Mention.
  • Gabriel Piñango (2016): “Design and Implementation of Virtual Interface for Control and Measurement of Electrical Variables of Motor-gear Assembly at Fundación Instituto de Ingeniería”. USB – 2016, Outstanding Mention.


Power Hardware-in-the-loop system for horizontal axis wind turbine emulation: Experimental setting for Master Thesis at GSIEP power electronics laboratory.


Website of Industrial Electronic Power Systems Group (GSIEP): Planning, creation, coding (front & back end) and maintenance of the GSIEP reseach group web page.  | December 2015


Mobile Robotics Application: Design, construction and integration of a mobile robot, a system of infrared communication and local positioning system (LPS).  | July 2009


 Technical Skills


Operating Systems:  GNU/Linux • Windows
Programming:  C/C++ • Python • Java • Assembly • BASH Scripting • Git • LaTeX
Web Development:  HTML • CSS • PHP • JavaScript • Google Analytics
Development Tools:  MATLAB / Simulink • NI LabVIEW • Altium Designer • VisualDSP++
Office Tools:  MS Office • Libre Office • Lyx • GIMP • Inkscape


   Reviewer Experience


18th IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems ISCAS 2018: Reviewer for the topic of Power and Energy Circuits and Systems.

13th IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference 2017: Reviewer for the topics of Biosensor Devices and Biosensor Interfacing Circuits.


premios   Honors and Awards


IEEE CASS Outreach Initiative: Grant for local outreach project of Region 9 CAS Society (2017).

Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award: Recognition by Master’s Thesis Evaluating Committee (2017).

ONCTI PEII Researcher Level A: Incentive Program for Research and Innovation, Venezuela (2016).

Pocket (Read It Later) Top Reader: Top 1% in the 2017 readers charts. Top 5% in 2015 and 2016.

Bachelor Graduation Ranking: 3 of 17 in Electronics Engineering, Universidad Simón Bolívar (2011).

Outstanding Academic Performance: CEIE – Universidad Simón Bolívar (2009).

Scholarship Holder: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to attend course at Università di Perugia (2007)

Honor Roll: Admissions at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, place 32 of 7670, cohort of 2005.


affiliations   Affiliations



IEEE Member – Region 9
Member Number: 92977440.
IEEE Collabratec:

  • IEEE Power Electronics Society Member.
  • IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Member.





Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings Articles:
  1. O. Trejo. Leveraging Multilingual Learning Communities in a Global Environment. Proceedings of IEEE LWMOOCS V, September 2018.
  2. O. Trejo, M. Giménez, V. Guzmán. Control de Ángulo de Paso de Palas de Turbinas Eólicas: El enfoque de Control Moderno. Actas de las Jornadas de Investigación Facultad de Ingeniería, UCV (JIFI 2016), CD, 6 páginas (2016) Caracas, Venezuela, Noviembre 2016.
  3. O. Trejo, M. Giménez, V. Guzmán. Modelo Estadístico para la Estimación de Potencia Producida por Generadores Eólicos en la Ciudad de Punto Fijo. Actas de las Jornadas de Investigación Facultad de Ingeniería, UCV (JIFI 2016), CD, 6 páginas (2016) Caracas, Venezuela, Noviembre 2016.
  4. O. Trejo, A. Goldar, M. Strefezza. Sistema de Inferencia Difusa con Aprendizaje Supervisado para el Control de Suspensión Mecánica. Actas de las Jornadas de Investigación Facultad de Ingeniería, UCV (JIFI 2016), CD, 6 páginas (2016) Caracas, Venezuela, Noviembre 2016. [Poster]
  5. O. Trejo, A. Goldar, M. Strefezza. Sistema de Inferencia Difusa de Estructura Variable para el Control de Suspensión Mecánica. Actas de las Jornadas de Investigación Facultad de Ingeniería, UCV (JIFI 2016), CD, 6 páginas (2016) Caracas, Venezuela, Noviembre 2016. [Poster]
  6. G. Piñango, M. Arellano, O. Trejo, T. Ramos. “Sistema de Instrumentación Virtual para Control y Medición de Variables Eléctricas de Conjunto Motor de Inducción – Reductor”. Proceedings of XIII Congreso Internacional de Métodos Numéricos en Ingeniería y Ciencias Aplicadas, CIMENICS, Caracas, Julio 2016, pp. 934-946.


Peer-reviewed articles with abstract publication:
  1. O. Trejo, M. Giménez. Modeling and emulation of horizontal axis wind turbines for wind energy production assessment in Venezuela. LXIV Annual Conference Venezuelan Association for Science Advancement (AsoVAC). Universidad Simón Bolívar – Camurí Grande, Edo. Vargas, Venezuela. December 2015.


Disclosures, talks and other events:
  1. O. Trejo. Impacto de técnicas de aprendizaje efectivo en el desempeño académico de estudiantes de la USB. I Jornada Institucional de Divulgación en Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación. Universidad Simón Bolívar – Sede del Litoral. Camurí Grande, Vargas, Venezuela. February 2017.
  2. O. Trejo. Aprendiendo a Aprender: Poderosas técnicas mentales para dominar temas difíciles. Speaker and co-organizer of the Coursera Day at Wayra, Caracas, Venezuela, September 2016.


Popular and mainstream press:
  1. “Getting to Know MiriadaX”, by Orlando Trejo, Class Central, November 21, 2017.
  2. “De odiar las matemáticas a doctora ingeniera: la profe más popular de Coursera”, by Berta González de Vega, EL Mundo (España), October 26, 2016.


Attendance to events and meetings:
  1. Coursera Partners Conference 2017. CU Boulder campus, USA, March 2017.