Prof. Ing. Orlando Trejo

Orlando Trejo

M.S. Electronics Engineer | Assistant Professor
Vice-chair of IEEE Venezuela ED/CAS/PEL Joint Chapter
Departament of Electronics and Circuits
Universidad Simón Bolívar, Sartenejas – Venezuela

e-mail:  |  tel.: +58 (0) 212 906 4012
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Orlando Trejo is M.S.EE in Electronics Engineering and Assistant Professor at the Electronics and Circuits Department of Universidad Simón Bolívar, in Caracas, Venezuela. He is vice-chair of the IEEE Venezuela ED/CAS/PEL Joint Chapter and member of the Industrial Power Electronics Systems Group (GSIEP). His research is focused in theoretical and experimental developments on renewable energy systems, electrical machines drives, and power electronics converters. Additionally, he has years of experience as field engineer in the pharmaceutical and railway industries.